Our Services

Building Construction

We are a full service general contractor and undertake all types of construction projects, be it residential, commercial, harbour or utility services. It is the foundation that we have built since our early beginnings and have since achieved Grade 1 status (GC01)  as General Contractor. 


Our head carpenter, Mr. Rajan is by himself a pioneer in carpentry. He has contributed more than his fare share to aid the company and is the reason for our well reputed carpentry. We can provide custom furniture, ceiling or partition installation, wooden or aluminium doors & windows. Any request of yours can generally be met and we'll make sur...

Design, Build & Scheduling

We are well adapted to changes that occur within the industry and try to maintain a high level of performance on each project.  Our aim for our clients is to exceed their expectations by producing quality work, completing projects on time and on budget.

Equipment Rental & Material Supply

We have a large database of trusted suppliers who can provide all types of construction materials, be it for home construction, utility management, hotels & etc. 

Equipment Rental can also be done on request and may depend on the company's number of ongoing projects.